Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Bedroom

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Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Bedroom

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The bedroom is a sacred space. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s important to have a room designated for quiet retreat, relaxation, or whatever one specifically desires from their own personal sanctuary. Two important factors of creating a relaxing personal space are room design, and comfort. Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice one for the other, and a great place to start is with carpeting.

In the United States, carpet installation accounts for a little more than half of the total flooring market. This is likely due to its versatility, durability, and simultaneous ability to set the aesthetic tone of any space. Additionally, choosing carpet for your home is an excellent way to help mitigate symptoms for those who are suffering from asthma and related bronchial ailments; in a recent study, 20,000 people found a statistical relationship between living in carpeted spaces and a lessening of their bronchial symptoms.

Many people say that good design starts from the rug up, and this could not be more true. With a plethora of colors, styles, and durability features, carpet installation is a great way to make an initial statement in any room. While there are many kinds of carpets available for purchase, there are three main styles:

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  • Plush carpets, also known as Saxony. Plush carpets are often made with thick, soft strands of fibers. Known for comfort, plush carpets are a terrific choice for bedroom spaces.
  • Frieze carpets are comprised of twisted fibers that curl, giving off a tousled look. Frieze carpets are good at hiding indentations from footprints and vacuuming. This carpet is a great option for those seeking to create a more casual atmosphere.
  • Cut and loop carpets are comprised of identical fibers of ranging structure patterns. This makes for an interestingly textured rug and is also a good carpet for hiding indentations.

But if you are like the 56% of homeowners who prefer hardwood flooring in your bedroom, there are still carpeting options available. Rather than having wall to wall carpet in your bedroom or living space, modern area rugs provide both comfort and a sophisticated aesthetic pop.

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