Selecting Appropriate Flooring

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Selecting Appropriate Flooring

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When building or purchasing a luxury home, one of the most important things to consider is the type of flooring that will be installed. There are many upscale flooring options available to fit each homeowner’s needs. Selecting new flooring should be an involved process, as homeowners decide which type of flooring is right for them. Whether it is carpet installation or a complex stone and tile design, the right floor is out there.

The first thing to consider when looking for a new floor is the room in which it will be installed. A whopping 90% of consumers prefer hardwoods or tile flooring for the kitchen, while carpeting remains the popular option for master bedrooms. While it is beautiful and low-maintenance, hardwood flooring is not ideal for wet environments like bathrooms, as it is susceptible to moisture damage. Tile flooring is an attractive and water-resistant alternative.

Tile flooring is a versatile option due to the wide range of sizes, textures, and colors available. Usually between 12 and 15 inches in diameter, tile can be ceramic, stone, or laminate and comes in countless color variations.

Because hardwoods are loud and firm to walk on, unlike carpeting, hardwood flooring is best suited to low-traffic areas like the home office, guest room, and formal dining room. Hardwood flooring can be expensive, depending on the species used, but 54% of homeowners are willing to pay extra for it. The noise level of hardwoods in high-traffic areas like bedrooms and hallways can be reduced with the use of strategically-placed rugs.

Whether you are building a brand new house or simply refurbishing the one you have, selecting the right floor for each room is a great way to personalize the house and make sure everything coordinates with your interior design.

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