The Best DIY Carpet Stain Removal Tips

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The Best DIY Carpet Stain Removal Tips

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Choosing carpet for your home is a popular choice, especially for low-moisture living spaces where comfort is a priority. In fact, carpet accounts for half of the flooring market in America. Carpet installation is a quick and easy way to make a design statement in a room while adding comfort. For those with asthma or bronchial issues, wall to wall carpet in bedrooms can provide relief and an improvement in detrimental symptoms. Carpets are also often the right environmental choice. In fact, recent conservation efforts made by carpet manufacturers have results in a 70% reduction of electricity consumption per square yard, as well as a 40% reduction in water use. With facts like that, what’s not to love about carpeting?

But even though we try our best to keep our homes clean and beautiful, there are times when life just happens. For those moments, having the right tricks up your sleeve is essential. Whether you have modern carpets and/or wall to wall carpets, the following tips will help keep your carpet looking like it’s brand new!

When removing any stain from your carpet, it’s important never to try and rub the stain out. Rather, rubbing will only set the stain further into the carpet’s fibers. Instead, blot the spot and try working out the stain from the outside in.

Here’s a breakdown of the most common stains and the steps you should take for removing these stains from your carpet:

Water Soluble Stains
Water soluble stains are easier to remove than more heavy duty carpet stains. Water soluble stains include messes from spilled items such as alcohol, jelly, food dyes, ice cream, excrement, washable ink, milk, latex paint, mud and more.

To remove these kinds of stains, simply take 1/4 cup of detergent or white vinegar (make sure it’s non-bleach!) and mix it with 32 ounces of water. With this cleaning solution, blot the stain carefully.

“Special” Water Soluble Stains
These stains are also water soluble, but take a little more elbow grease and a stronger formula to remove. These stains include more pungent substances such as wine, vomit, chocolate and tea.

For these stains, create a cleaning solution using 1 tablespoon of ammonia and 1 cup of water. But be careful! Bleach will harm carpets that aren’t solution-dyed. Before employing this method, be sure to ask or refer to the carpet’s manufacturer.

Fats and Oils
Fats and oils may appear to be tough to remove, but luckily, this trick works every time.
Take out your iron and place it on warm setting. Then, place a sheet of paper towel over the fat or oil stain, and iron carefully. The stain should come up onto the paper towel. This method also works for some wax stains.

You may try the method above to remove wax stains but if that doesn’t work, take an ice cube to the wall to wall carpet to harden the wax, and continue by breaking the wax up into pieces in one firm movement. Try using a spoon. Then, vacuum up the pieces and residue.

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